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Nature Folk


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I’m here to get your night-time routine in order. Release any tensions in your body, focus on my warmth, breathe in my aromas & let me lull you into a state of peace. After, try to avoid any electronic distractions so you can give your brain & eyes a rest, it’ll make it easier for you to sink into a dreamy deep sleep.   

All herbs are Organic or Wildcrafted.


Pink Himalayan salt - Powerful detoxifier with over to leave you feel clean, purified and nourished physically, spiritually and energetically.
Passionflower - Renowned herb for its calming properties, reducing anxiety and inducing relaxation and sleep.
Chamomile - Aids with sleep, relaxation, stress and anxiety. Reduces inflammation and soothes skin.
Hops - Exhibits sedative and soothing qualities. It is a perfect treatment for sleeplessness, restlessness as it calms the mind and body.
Eucalyptus - Helps with an overtired body and head congestion. Reduces pain and promotes relaxation.
Lemon Balm Leaf - Uplifting of the spirit, encourages sleep an alleviates nervous agitation.
Calendula - Anti-inflammatory known to nourish and heal skin.
Lavender - Induces a sense of calm. Soothes the mind, eases stress, anxiety and tensions.